Compliance Partners Network

University Compliance and Ethics (UCE) has identified key compliance partners campus-wide to assist in addressing UNT risks, as needed. The areas that make up this network assists UCE in addressing campus-wide compliance concerns, issues, and challenges.

This Network provides an effective instrument towards tracking progress in meeting any new regulatory requirements. It is extremely valuable to have a standing network with the campus-wide representation to address any requirements that must be met quickly.

The Compliance Partners Network performs the following functions:

  • Assists in promoting awareness of the University Compliance and Ethics Program within their respective unit and campus-wide as applicable.
  • Assist in addressing campus-wide compliance concerns, including satisfying any immediate regulatory requirements.
  • Each network partner will ensure their unit's identify and document the applicable regulatory information they are supposed to be in compliance with.
  • Review and assist in ensuring that all reports received by the UCE office are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Assist UCE with providing on-going assurance regarding compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures.



Anissa Breaux-Schropp UNT Compliance Officer University Compliance and Ethics
April Barnes Associate VP for Budget & Analytics Vice President for Finance and Administration
Asa Johnson Executive Assistant to UNT Chief Compliance Officer University Compliance and Ethics
Brett Johnson Compliance Coordinator Facilities
Carissa Spinks Senior Director of Internal Audit Internal Audit 
Chad Crocker Senior Director of Facilities Maintenance Facilities- Maintenance
Charlotte Russell Chief Information Security Officer Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS)
Clay Simmons Chief Compliance Officer University Compliance and Ethics
Doug Welch Executive Director of Risk Management Services Risk Management Services
Ed Reynolds Chief of Police Police Department
Eve Bell Assistant Vice President Equity and Diversity Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity
Heather Rich Medical Auditing and Compliance  Student Health and Wellness
Jamie Peno Director, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance Research Integrity and Compliance
Jason Simon Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness Data, Analytics, and Institutional Research (DAIR)
Kari Eagerton Director of Institutional Records Management Business Development
Kathy Burmeister Director of Division Budgets and Operations Division of University Relations, Communications, and Marketing
Katy Washington Director  Office of Disability Access
Maureen McGuinness Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Dean of Students
Natasha Oakes Senior Associate Athletic Director Athletics
Renee McBride Grants and Contracts Account Analyst Office of Grants, Contracts, and Administration
Scott Dunkle Director of Environmental Risk Risk Management Services
Stephanie McDonald Policy Manager Administrative Services
Thomas Augsburger Assistant Director of Business Operations  Division of  Advancement
Zelma Deleon Executive Director of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Student Financial Aid and Scholarships