UNT has a COI eDisclosure system and process for completing annual disclosures. The GRAMS COI eDisclosure system streamlines the disclosure process for potential conflicts of interest and integrates annual disclosure data with related research certifications to ensure transparency and track compliance.

The new system is available to VPs, AVPs, and Deans for all COI eDisclosures. See how easy submitting your disclosure will be by viewing the COI System Navigational Tutorial.

GRAMS COI Navigational Tutorial
Quickly learn how to complete your eDisclosure in GRAMS COI System

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Regular updates regarding RCOI training and RCOI's Annual Disclosure Statement provided by Research Compliance.

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eDisclosure Guide

This resource offers navigational guidance to accessing and completing UNT's COI eDisclosure Form and provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

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What is a conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest is a situation in which a personal interest may compromise or bias an employee's professional judgment and objectivity when performing research or making decisions on behalf of the university. The disclosure is to be completed annually by all employees who receive the invite link, either confirming personal interests that require disclosure or declaring there are not any personal interests to disclose. Researchers, please refer to COI Research for more information.  

It's important that we work together to discuss and resolve conflicts of interest and potential conflicts. Oftentimes, when an individual discloses a potential conflict, there are ways we can collaborate to ensure we address the conflict in a way that protects both parties.

COI examples & FAQ's

Not sure what to disclose? Review examples and answers to frequently asked questions on activities/relationships that should be disclosed when completing UNT's COI eDisclosure Form.

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