This unit oversees the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance program & coordinates every aspect of credit card acceptance at all UNT System campuses. This is accomplished by coordinating a close relationship between the University campuses and the merchant banks. 

Reduction of risk is crucial to ensuring that systems and procedures align with university policy (UNT Credit Card Policy) while adhering to the global PCI Security Standards Council rules.

General Information 

Departments are generally able to accept credit cards using the following three methods:

a.    Credit card terminals provided by the approved UNT System merchant bank. The credit card terminal can be used to take card present, face-to-face payments as well as card not present, telephone payments. No email payments are allowed anywhere on a University campus.

b.    Credit card terminals or other devices provided by pre-approved online payment processors/third-party vendors which may be used standalone or as part of an integrated system for accepting payments online

c.    Pre-approved online payment portals

Online Payment Card Processing

One of the pre-approved systems for online payment processing is Nelnet/Quikpay. There are two options for accepting credit card payments through Nelnet:

1.    Integrating the payment page with an approved web shopping cart where the customer begins on your University site, selects the options for purchase, and when ready clicks on a button to make a payment. At that point, the customer is redirected to the Nelnet Commerce Manager site to make the payment. Some of the pertinent information is passed on to Nelnet as well. After authorization, the customer is redirected back to your site or any URL of your choosing. 

2.    Creating a simple payment portal with specific fields that you require, ie., invoice numbers, customer numbers, etc. for external customers to make payments. Fields can be modified to best fit your operation.

All of the above methods MUST be reviewed and approved by University Compliance & Ethics.