photo of Clay Simmons

Clay Simmons

Vice President & Chief Integrity Officer

Phone Number: 940-565-4142

Clay Simmons oversees programs designed to promote and maintain the university's culture of respect and honesty, builds ethics consciousness into the daily activities of faculty and staff, and maintains the university’s compliance with the law in the increasingly complex higher education regulation environment. He directs the Office of University Integrity & Compliance, which supports the university in risk assessment, training and general education, operational support, effort coordination, and monitoring of program effectiveness.

Photo of Asa Johnson

As̈a Johnson

Integrity Officer

Phone Number:940-565-4142

As̈a Johnson has over 14 years of administrative management and operations experience, 7 of those in compliance, is a UNT Alumni, served in varying capacities in a number of committees, and served as the executive assistant in the UIC office since 2015 until she transitioned to the role of Integrity Officer. She ensures the smooth business operations of the office and the progression of the Compliance and Ethics Program effectiveness through her partnership with the Chief Integrity Officer in strategic analysis, planning, coordination, and execution of projects created to address the needs of the university community. 

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Toni Sorsdal

Compliance Analyst

Phone Number: 940-369-7902


Toni Sorsdal has served in the healthcare industry since 2014 aiding elderly and ailing populations. Her background includes an Accounting degree from Texas A&M University, auditing experience in highly regulated industries, recruiting, compliance, and quality assurance. She is experienced in developing compliance guidance, quality assurance standards, and “best practices” for a competing home health care agency. As the Compliance Analyst, she is responsible for a number of compliance components including managing Designated Healthcare Components, the UNT Trust Line, and more.


Kari Gerner

Records Compliance Officer


Phone Number:940-565-4171

Website: Institutional Records Management Program

Kari Gerner is responsible for the direction of the Institutional Records Management Program, serving UNT System, UNT, and UNT Dallas. The position leads institutional records and information management initiatives and provides consultation to all areas of the institution on a vast array of information management policies, procedures, and systems.


Luis Rivas

Director, PCI Compliance & Merchant Svcs


Phone Number:940-565-2120

Website: PCI Compliance and Merchant Services

Luis Rivas oversees the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance program focused on proactively protecting customers’ account data throughout all UNT System campuses. Working closely with UNT campus departments and merchant banks he implements controls and processes while promoting and creating a secure credit card acceptance environment. Reduction of risk is crucial by ensuring that systems and procedures align with university policy while adhering to the global PCI Security Standards Council rules.


Richmond Reyes

Director of University Policy


Phone Number: 940-565-2335

Website: University Policy

Richmond Reyes oversees institutional policies for the university. His goals are to foster clarity of governance through timely stakeholder reviews and transparent communication of policy updates with the campus community, as well as provide policy and procedure development, training, assistance, and resources.