photo of Clay Simmons

Clay Simmons

Chief Compliance Officer

Phone Number: 940-565-4142

Clay Simmons oversees programs designed to promote and maintain the university's culture of respect and honesty, builds ethics consciousness into the daily activities of faculty and staff, and maintains the university’s compliance with the law in the increasingly complex higher education regulation environment. He directs the Office of University Compliance and Ethics, which supports the university in risk assessment, training and general education, operational support, effort coordination, and monitoring of program effectiveness.

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Anissa Breaux-Schropp

UNT and HIPAA Compliance Officer

Phone Number: 940-565-4080


As the UNT Compliance and HIPAA Compliance Officer, Dr. Breaux-Schropp is responsible for assisting the Chief Compliance Officer in ensuring that the university has access to Compliance services that satisfy the applicable elements of the U.S. Federal Sentencing Commission’s Guidelines.  This includes developing and administering compliance audits and audit tools for assessment, providing training to various university constituents, and monitoring and oversight of the institution’s highest risk.

Photo of Asa Johnson

Asa Johnson

Executive Assistant to the Chief Compliance Officer

Phone Number:940-565-4142

Asa assist the Chief Compliance Officer and the HIPAA Compliance officer with major projects, training, analysis, management, and other operations in the UCE office. If you have questions she is happy to find the answer or find someone that can answer.